We help companies build and tune their Product Machines

We coordinate your product tools, assets, workflows and teams to produce a product your customers will love and grow your business revenues in the process. 

What is a Product Machine?

"A Product Machine is everything driving your product success, working cohesively together ." 

Every Product Machine is as unique as every business.  




A well-oiled product machine runs on efficient workflows and integrated tools.

We help companies get their product team humming by setting up the right tools and structures to inject momentum back into their delivery efforts.


Choosing the right tools and workflows is a difficult task. As your business grows, your workflows will also need to accommodate for that growth. 

There are many moving parts. We have knowledge of industry-leading tools and are able to set these up and guide you to delivery success.

Ship faster and ship a better quality product.


The number one reason businesses fail is that they don't achieve product-market fit quickly enough, if ever. Match your product's value proposition with your market's needs. 


We take the time to understand your product and market intimately (including onboarding, customer activation, customer retention, trial optimization, feature analysis, new feature communication, customer education, competitor product analysis, customer feedback sessions, product and pricing strategy). 


We then set up a repeatable improvement process to ensure you have new and returning customers.


Solidify product-market fit and scale your product and business.


We help product managers accelerate their career growth by teaching them years of product knowledge in a matter of weeks. The product is only as good as the people who build it. 


We ensure that they are always up to date with the latest product management trends and help them grow their own competency. This results in a happier team and a better product. Your team will have access to a highly skilled product manager for coaching whenever they need it. Key areas of focus are: Competency, Communication, Management, Trust. 


Grow your team and attract the best talent.

We also offer more traditional Product Management consulting options to suit any tech company.

Contact us to find out more.


The table stakes for products around the world have been raised by the big tech giants and customers expect all products to be on the same level. 


We are a high-energy team of product specialists drawing on years of experience to help you improve your product. Your product team will be humming and your customers will love you after partnering with us.

Our founder, Nick, has helped many companies deliver world-class product offerings. He is passionate about helping companies create and scale successful Product Machines. He started Prodspar to fill a desperate need for companies to become product-led.

The world deserves great products, we will help you build one. 


We could say things like: “Using our revolutionary approach to product management… ”, or “With our 100 years experience we know exactly how your product works" , or “We promise to increase your revenue by 50% over the next 90 days”.

But we don’t say these things to get your attention. We would rather say “We know how to build well-oiled Product Machines, let us prove it”

Let us help you build a well-oiled Product Machine and we will make sure it runs smoothly, forever. 

Spar - "to make the motions of boxing without landing heavy blows, as a form of training."